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What is USMD|MCNT Travel Healthy?

USMD|MCNT Travel Healthy encompasses more than administering suggested vaccinations. At USMD|MCNT Travel Healthy, we are committed to patient education, providing country-specific medical advice that will ensure a medically-safe trip.

USMD|MCNT Travel Healthy is devoted to assist international travelers with all medical needs and requirements in a cost-effective approach.  As a licensed Yellow Fever vaccination center, we offer a complete array of recommended travel vaccinations, country-specific travel advisory information, travel medical supplies, and pre/post-travel evaluation and/or consultations.  Complete diagnostic testing is available onsite.

* For questions regarding your specific needs or information on group immunizations, please call us at (972) 556-1616.

Services Provided

USMD|MCNT offers a number of services to accommodate all of your travel needs:

Corporate Services: USMD|MCNT Travel Healthy offers evaluation and vaccinations for both short term and long term oversees corporate travelers.  We have extensive experience working with many international corporations such as Exxon Mobil, Nokia, Lufthansa Air, and Pioneer.  Example of services rendered include*:

  • Travel Assessment of Specific Needs per Travel Itinerary
  • Travel Immunizations
  • Medical Evaluations for Long Term Assignments
  • Medical Evaluations for Visas
  • Special Needs for the Returning Traveler
  • Availability for Consultation if Medical Problem Arises While Abroad

Student ServicesWith a globalization of todays economies more Univerisities are offering study abroad programs than ever before.  USMD|MCNT Travel Healthy is here to help take the worry off of travel and allow students to concentrate on their studies. Example of student services include:

  • Assessment of Medical Needs per Travel Itinerary
  • Travel Immunizations
  • Necessary Exams
  • Availability for Consultation if Medical Problems Arise While Abroad

Religious Organizations: USMD|MCNT Travel Healthy has not only worked with various mission groups (serving remote locations around the globe) but has also organized our own medical mission trips, headed by Dr. Richard JohnstonUSMD|MCNT Travel Healthy understands most mission trips are under tight budget constraints.  To help offset some of the costs, arrangements can be made to deliver services in a group setting.

Recreational Travel Vacations: Tourism now encompasses recreational and adventure travel to some of the most remote parts of the world.  USMD|MCNT Travel Healthy serves both the common and extreme travelers and are able to meet any special needs you may require.  Counseling on various subjects such as altitude, food and beverage consumption, insect precautions, scuba diving safety information, temperature extremes, trekking and various other travel concerns will be addressed at your appointment.

To view our USMD|MCNT Travel Healthy brochure, click here.

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  • Passport Application
  • Visa Information
  • Several private organizations will provide medical information and insurance for overseas travelers. Most charge a fee for this service. The following is provided FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and in no way constitutes an endorsement, expressed or implied, by USMD|MCNT Travel Healthy or the Department of State.  CLICK HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page to select from a list of travel insurance providers.


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