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A Message from Your Doctor

Dear USMD | MCNT Patient,

The Medical Home is a new approach to help you achieve and maintain good health. Your personal primary care doctor at USMD | Medical Clinic of North Texas commits to providing you with the best care at the right time and in the right setting with electronic technology by:

  • Using nationally recognized guidelines to prevent and treat disease
  • Directing and coordinating comprehensive (total) and continuous care

We are available 24 hours a day to assist you with urgent problems. Please consult the doctor on call when needed.

Once our office is notified, our staff will ensure that your health information is available to the appropriate physician during and after a hospitalization or emergency room visit.

We will communicate with specialists and other health care providers regarding your healthcare needs.

  • Reducing complications of chronic diseases such as Diabetes, High blood pressure, Heart Disease, Asthma and Emphysema/COPD through a team approach

We encourage you to follow your doctor’s plan of care. A nurse care coordinator may contact you between office visits to help you meet goals.

  • Reducing cost of care

We will prescribe the best medicine at the least cost to you.  Let us know about choices covered by your insurance. We will make test results and office visit notes available to specialists to avoid repeating tests/procedures. Let us know about your decision to see other doctors so that we may communicate with them.

  • Communicating electronically

Please sign up with NextMD.

NextMD is a secure, password-protected internet site that allows you to send and receive confidential communication to and from your personal doctor. You can review and print recent labs, ask for refills, request non-urgent appointments, and find useful information on many disease conditions and medications.

We welcome your cooperation to ensure you have a healthier future.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Home

Question: What is Medical Home?

Answer: A Medical Home is an approach to providing primary care for all patients. This involves a partnership between the patient, the physician, family members, and other professionals. Quality, preventive care and safety are key.

Question: Where did the concept of a Medical home come from?

Answer: The Medical Home is not a new concept. The American Academy of Pediatrics introduced it in 1967. The American Academy of Family Physicians and the American College of Physicians have also developed their own models for improving patient care called the “medical home” or “advanced medical home”. All concepts are based on very similar patient-centered principles.

Question: What are the principles of Medical Home?

Answer: Patient-centered medical homes provide:

  • Physician directed medical practice;
  • Whole person orientation;
  • Coordinated/Integrated Care;
  • Focus on quality and safety;
  • Enhanced patient access to care.

Question: How does a Medical Home work?

Answer: At the base of the medical home is an ongoing partnership between the patient and a specially trained primary care physician. Patients receive reminders about appointments and screenings, as well as other support to help them and their families manage chronic conditions. Additional services include: e-mail communications; patient satisfaction surveys; online tools to help patients manage their health information and make informed decisions. The primary care physician helps to assemble a team when specialists and other health care providers are needed. The ultimate goal is to take care of the whole person.

Question: What is it going to cost me?

Answer: In a medical home, the patient’s costs are the same as the costs for a traditional service.

Question: Who is going to provide care for me?

Answer: In a medical home, the approach shifts based on individual patient’s needs. Members of the Care Team can provide treatment, education, assistance, and communication. The Care Team can consist of: Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant, RN/LPN, Medical Assistant, Office Staff, Care Coordinator, Nutritionist/Educator, Pharmacist, Behavioral Health, Case Manager, Community resources, and Home Health or Hospice care.

Question: Are all Primary Care Doctors part of a Medical Home?

Answer: No. Special training and procedures are required to be a Medical Home Practice. Medical Clinic of North Texas PLLC is one of a few medical practices in the country that provide this service.

Question: What is a Care Coordinator?

Answer: A Care Coordinator is a Registered Nurse that works with the Medical Home Provider to help care for patients covered by certain medical insurances such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas and Cigna. The Care Coordinator helps provide education and answer questions about your medical conditions, work with insurance companies to help cover medications or services, coordinate care after discharge from a hospital, help collect medical information from your specialists, and put you in touch with support groups, disease information classes and other services you may require.

Question: Why do you need to know if I have any special needs?

Answer: One of the roles of Medical Home is to anticipate the special needs of a patient. The practice provides accommodations for those requiring translation services and services for the disabled.

Question: Why do you need to know my race or ethnicity?

Answer: Disclosure of your race or ethnicity is voluntary. However, we highly encourage you to provide us with this information.  Medical research has shown that individuals of particular racial or ethnic backgrounds have a greater risk for developing certain diseases and benefit from special medical screenings, preventive care and treatments.  The net effect is a better outcome in your healthcare.

Question: Why am I asked to complete a survey?

Answer: A pivotal standard in Medical Home is to adjust to the needs of patients and constantly improve the care you receive. Our goal is to provide the best care possible. Please help us improve by telling us how we are doing.

Deliver World-Class, Cost-Effective Patient Care.