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What is Diagnostics?

Diagnosticis is a fluid process in which the physician responds to information garnered from the patient and others, from a physical examination of the patient, and from medical tests performed upon the patient.

Services Offered

New Patients Always Welcome

Same-Day Sick Visits Available

Accepts Most Major Insurance Plans and Medicare

Gynecological Exams, Family Planning

CT - Computed tomography scans produce highly detailed images that show both bone and soft tissues, including organs, muscles, and tumors. CT aids in diagnosis, surgery or other treatment.

MRI - More than an ordinary 1.5, our Toshiba Vantage MRI with parallel scanning technology combines the best of both worlds — incredible image detail in less time with unmatched patient comfort (bigger opening, ultra short bore, 90% less noise).

Ultrasound - Ultrasound imaging uses high frequency sound waves to form pictures of your organs. Doppler Ultrasound is used to view blood flow through the different vessels.

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