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The favorite part of my day is walking into an exam room knowing I have the honor of treating an entire family.

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Dr. Nutting

Nutting, M.D.

William Nutting, M.D., is board certified in family medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine.

About Me

My exposure to medicine started at an early age. I spent alternating winters and summers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where my father was receiving treatment. I was enamored with the renal transplant specialists in white coats, and the way they cared for my father. But it was actually our family physician back in my hometown of Edinburg, Texas, who impressed me the most. Not only did he welcome the challenges that came with a complex case like my father’s, he demonstrated great care while tending to a patient who was sometimes difficult, and invested in the care of my entire family.

My love for science and interest in medicine eventually led me to Texas A&M University at College Station where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biomedical science. Afterward, I went on to graduate school and earned a master’s degree in medical sciences at the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth.  

While I was attending medical school at the University of Texas School of Medicine at San Antonio, I realized that family medicine actually encompasses every aspect of medicine. I enjoy incorporating preventive medicine and pathophysiology, while also developing that one-on-one patient-physician bond that allows me to better care for my patients. That realization was honed during my residency at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, where I served as chief resident.

Today, the favorite part of my day is walking into an exam room knowing I have the honor of treating an entire family—infants, siblings, parents and grandparents. Now that the Dallas-Fort Worth area is my home, I’m proud to help care for the people of our community. When I’m not at the clinic, I enjoy grilling, exploring the outdoors, traveling, and cheering for the Aggies. Although I still bleed maroon, I also take pride in the burnt orange and mean green, too.

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