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Internal Medicine

Practicing medicine for me means paying attention to both the science and the patient.

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Dr. Barker

Barker, M.D.

Thomas Barker, M.D. is Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Barker also accepts Medicare patients.

About Me

Practicing medicine for me means paying attention to both the science--what we can fairly claim that we know or don't know--as well as paying attention to the patient. Not simply the patient's 'problems' ... but to the patient as a person--unique, individual, complex with his or her own definition of health that very likely includes concerns that are not only physical but also emotional/psychological, intellectual and spiritual.

I was born in Indiana and raised in the midwest--Indiana, Michigan. I moved to Palo Alto, California for college and then went on to medical school in St. Louis, Missouri. Ultimately following my wife's career, we moved to Dallas to be at UTSW where she was a postdoctoral fellow. She now teaches at Texas Wesleyan and we live in south Tarrant County near Rendon.

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