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Photo of Stephen Bindner, M.D., C.A.Q.

Dr. Bindner

Bindner, M.D., C.A.Q.

Stephen R. Bindner, M.D., C.A.Q. is Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. Dr. Bindner also has a Certificate of Additional Qualification in Sports Medicine by American Board of Family Medicine.

Dr. Binder also accepts Medicare Advantage Plans.

About Me

I was born in San Antonio, Texas, and soon after, my family settled up north in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. There, I first became interested in wellness, fitness, sports and health after developing a hernia as an adolescent while doing weight training, working a large paper route and playing as a lineman on a football team. That, along with my interest in science and having an affinity in caring for others drew me to being a physician.

Though I initially wanted to come back south, I could not resist moving up to Minneapolis, MN, where I trained at an amazing residency and primary care sports medicine program. I also enjoyed season tickets to the Minnesota Vikings, with the stadium being just a few blocks away from my training program. As an avid lifetime runner, I ran two marathons after my training program finished. Soon after I decided to return to the warmth and hospitality of the south, and I am fortunate to have worked at the same clinic in Bedford, TX, since 2001. I also provide support to the LD Bell Raiders High school sports and band.

I am fortunate to have been very involved with the leadership and management of MCNT and now with the leadership of USMD. I serve as associate medical director of the USMD SeniorCare Program. My practice now focuses on my geriatric population and acting as a sports medicine and nonsurgical orthopedics consultant for other physicians in the local community and for my USMD partners.

I am an avid chef and I enjoy playing competitive softball, running and cycling. I am currently living in Dallas, Texas, with my family and I am proud to call myself a Texan.

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