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I’ve found that often times, patients simply want a physician to hear their concerns, and communicate with them in terms they understand.

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Dr. Jahan

Jahan, M.D.

Iffat Jahan, M.D., is board certified in family medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine.

About Me

My personality—caring, compassionate and motherly—fueled my desire to become a physician. I chose family medicine as my specialty because I enjoy caring for an entire family unit and providing continuity of care for patients throughout the different stages of their lives. As a physician, I believe part of my job is to listen to patients. I‘ve found that often times, patients simply want a physician to listen to them, hear their concerns and communicate with them in terms they understand.

I absolutely love pediatrics and, as a mother of two, I understand and feel the concerns that parents have when they bring their little ones to my office. I make it a point to ease their minds and have close follow up with them. I also enjoy working with the geriatric population; this to me seems to be the most rewarding. I want to erase the stigma that younger doctors of this generation just rush and see patients as number. I want my patients, especially in the geriatric population, to feel that they have my full and individualized attention as well as my respect, without feeling rushed.

From grade school to college, Texas has always been home to me. After graduating from the University of Texas in Arlington I left for medical school. I completed my residency in Des Moines, Iowa, at Mercy Medical Center. Prior to moving back home to the DFW area and joining USMD I was a physician in primary care in east Texas where I did inpatient, outpatient and critical care medicine. Over my years of experience, I have found a special interest in pediatrics and women's health.

I live in Las Colinas with my husband and our two boys. I enjoy spending my free time with family and friends and love hosting large family gatherings. Although English is my primary language, I am also fluent in Bengali.

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