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I specialize in family medicine because I believe in preventive care. Keeping patients healthy is the best reward anyone can ask for.

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Dr. Morrill

Audrey Carr
Morrill, M.D.

Audrey Carr Morrill, M.D. is board certified in family medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine.

About Me

I graduated from Denton High School and then attended Texas A&M University, eventually earning a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Marine Biology and Oceanography.

I then started a PhD program at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Human Biological Chemistry and Genetics. I initially went to medical school as an extension of, and to further, my career in research, but found that I enjoyed interacting with people more than spending time in a laboratory. I decided to shift the focus of my career to direct patient care—and I have never looked back. 

I have 23 years of primary care experience in clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes, and now focus on caring for people in the clinic. 

My husband and I have 3 sons and 2 granddaughters, as well as extended family in and near my hometown in Denton.    

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